• Motion Design
  • 2D & 3D (C4D) Animation
  • Video Production & Editing
  • Compositing & Color Correction

With over a decade of design experience producing award-winning work for major national
brands, JBC MOTION has the knowledge and skill set to take your next project to the next level.
With experience across all mediums including broadcast, cinema, web, social media, mobile,
music videos, trade shows and keynote presentations, JBC MOTION can take on projects of any
size or style and create thoughtful, successful work.

Richard Ryan puts the new line of TrackingPoint semi-auto precision guided firearms to the test using wearable technology View full article »

3DR – Solo Over Sicilia

3DR initially partnered with Italian director Riccardo Lupo to film exclusive parts of Siciliy for the country’s tourism promotion campaign View full article »

BitPay – Overview Video

BitPay Overview from Jonathan Mayo-Buttry on Vimeo.

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3DR – Solo Product Teaser – Dawn of the Aerial Age

3DR launched Solo, the smart drone, in early 2015. This video was a teaser that included the release announcement and the first public glimpse of Solo. View full article »

3DR Solo – Life After Gravity – Episode 2

This behind the scenes video details my experience as a director with the Life After Gravity series. View full article »

I produced and directed this viral video (900,000+ views on YouTube) to generate attention for TrackingPoint’s new wearable technology. View full article »