I joined forces with 3DR in early 2015 to launch Solo worldwide. This was the overview video that introduced Solo which performed exceptionally, getting 1,000,000+ views. This was a major component of the product launch at NAB, where our award-winning booth leveraged emerging video technologies, such as a 30′ 360 degree elevated screen powered by an array of 5 projectors.

Additional launch materials designed for in-store kiosks and the NAB launch event can be seen here:

Read more about our successful launch at NAB here.

From 3DR:
“3DR has created the one and only drone that can automatically control both copter and camera positioning in flight. The dual 1 GHz Linux companion computers power one-of-a-kind Smart Shots so anyone, beginner or pro, can get sweeping multi-axis cinematic live HD video from day one, just by pushing a button.”

Branding, Direction, 3D, VFX, and Post-Production – Jonathan Mayo-Buttry
Creative Director: Adam Schlender
Cinema Pilot – Scott Horn
Voice Over – Colin Guinn
Filmed by the 3DR Media Team – Adam Schlender, Lon Breedlove, Jonathan Mayo-Buttry
Location Producer – Tyler Hanson/Kulturehaus
Actress – Hillary Andujar